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Ford Garden - Linking Gardens to School Curriculum

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Ford Garden - Research - Award Winner - Trumansburg

Ford Garden - Andrew H. Wilson Charter School - Award Winner

Andrew H. Wilson Charter School


Editable school yard project:
Our goal with the garden is to engage student's in interdisciplinary learning ....

Alice Waters

Alice Waters, founder of Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café in Berkeley, California, has championed local, organic farms....

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Ford Garden - research - award winner - Broadmor Elementary School, The Learning Patch Garden...Tempe, AZ

Ford Garden - research - award winner -
 Broadmor Elementary School, The Learning Patch Garden...Tempe, AZ

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UPDATE: Broadmor Learning Patch Garden has been selected as one of the featured gardens on this year's "Real Gardens for Real People" tour, which takes place Saturday, March 22, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The tour provides people in the community the opportunity to learn to select, place and care for plants in an environmentally responsible manner according to science-based research specific to the low desert.

Composting through the use of earthworms is one of the many activities that Broadmor second-graders get to learn during their time visiting the Learning Patch garden each month.

“They have learned about seeds and cacti. We come once a month. This time we are learning about flowers and how to compost,” said Kolaczynski.

The second-grade classes are learning about vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is using earthworms to compost vegetables and food waste. Bins for vermicomposting are being passed among all the second-grade classrooms.

For each visit to the Learning Patch, the class is split into two groups. The first group works on an art project that involves the use of flowers from the garden. The second group walks through the garden and tastes the flowers, vegetables and fruits that they have helped grow. Halfway through the student’s time in the garden the groups switch activities. In this lesson about flowers students learned that not all flowers are edible, but broccoli and cauliflower are actually edible flowers.

“The goal is to get them to try new foods. They’ll eat anything from the garden, that they’ve grown,” said Erin Kirkpatrick, Maricopa County Master Gardener. Kirkpatrick prepares and presents the lessons in the Learning Patch.

There is a new theme for each month that the students visit the garden. This month’s theme is flowers.

“My favorite part is there is a lot of stuff to smell and try. It’s really lovely here,” said Amelie Johnston.

This month students made bookmarks by crushing flower petals onto a piece of paper with a rock.

“I learned that there are compounds when you squish the petals that make paint and medicine,” said Magnus Ahlstromer.

In the garden the students went on a scavenger hunt to match the flowers in the garden to the flowers in a picture. Students were encouraged to taste fresh broccoli and cauliflower. They had the option to dip them in ranch.

“The broccoli and cauliflower were yummy in the ranch. The broccoli was my favorite,” said Keiana Alvillar.

Next month’s theme is citrus and the students will learn how to juice a variety of fruits.

Ford School Garden TV Program - Research - three award winning gardens

Garden TV Show for Ford Elementary School, Lynn, MA


  • Goal: funding, improvement, commitment
  • What are the elements of award winning garden programs?
Award winning programs

Announcing the 2013 Subaru Healthy Sprouts Award Winners!
Thank you for applying to this year's Subaru Healthy Sprouts Garden Grant. Winners this year will be receiving the following packages:WINNER PACKAGE DESCRIPTIONS. Programs will receive age appropriate curriculum and tools.
Top 3: Winners of a $1,500 Grand Prize
  1. Broadmor Elementary School, The Learning Patch Garden...Tempe, AZ
  2. Andrew H. Wilson Charter School, Wilson School Garden Program...New Orleans, LA
  3. Trumansburg Elementary School, Trumansburg Food Literacy Program...Trumansburg, New York

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