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stevenlevymath: Pie chart showing methane leaks

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By Glen Dillon - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
An odourant injection station at MLV7 (main line valve) near Dampier, where Butanethiol is added to the natural gas inside the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline

 Deepsea Delta oil drilling rig in the North Sea.
 GNU Free Documentation License
 Deepsea Delta oil drilling rig in the North Sea.

Photo: Erik Christensen

By Audriusa (Audrius Meskauskas) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia

Hi Steven,

It does appear this is an old fact sheet. The most up to date methane emission numbers can be found in this blog:

EPA Draft Says Oil & Gas Methane Emissions Are 27 Percent Higher than Earlier Estimates by David Lyons

Methane Leaks by Environmental Defense Fund

Reference: Methane leakage from natural gas operations

stevenlevymath: Pie chart showing methane leaks

Pie chart showing methane leaks. Data from the Environmental Defense Fund.

Publication:  Methane leakage from natural gas operations

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Huffington Post Feb 24, 2016, RESULTS: Nevada Republican Caucus

RESULTS: Nevada Republican Caucus Results
Republican Candidates
Candidate Votes %
Trump 34,531 45.9%
Rubio 17,940 23.9%
Cruz 16,079 21.4%
Carson 3,619 4.8%
Kasich 2,709 3.6%

Pie Chart (Thousands of Votes)
Trump 35
Rubio 18
Cruz  16
Other  6

Per Nevada Secretary of State
Number of voters in thousands
Dem   586
Repub 494
Other 390

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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vtech manual

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Example of cc atribution:
‘Flamingos Partying’ by Pedro Szekelly available at under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Full terms at

AUTHOR_NAME available at
URL_OF_WORK under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.
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Animated Graph for Huffington Post - Toxic Loans by Peter Eavis, Feb. 5, 2016


Graph for Huffington Post - Toxic Loans by Peter Eavis, Feb. 5, 2016

China's total loans and financial assets = 30 T$
China's GDP = 10.9 Wikipedia (Historic GDP of China)

Analyst estimates 4.4 T$ potential losses, 6.6 T$ (non performing)

"Charlene Chu, an analyst in Hong Kong for Autonomous Research"

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Land Degradation from stevenlevymath

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Narration: This is Steven Levy and this is stevenlevymath. This Video is about land degradation.

Narration: The data for this video came from the UN's report "Livestock's Long Shadow" unless stated other wise, 

Reference: "Livestock's Long Shadow" from the UN, page 29 to 30.

Per wikipedia: total earth surface=510, water 361, land 149 in millions of sq. km.

Narration: According to Wikipedia, the Surface area of the earth: 510 million sq km. Water is 361 and land is 149 square km.

Narration: According to Wikipedia, arable land 19 million sq km, Pasture is 39, Forest is 48. And urban is 2 million sq km.

Reference, Wikipedia: Land: arable land is13% (19 km sq), pasture 26% (39), forest 32% (48), urban 1.5% (2).

Narration: 10.9 million sq km is degraded by water, 5.5 by wind, 2.4 by chemical, and 0.8 is physical.

Advanced Image Search: used this site to find images in Creative Commons.

Here's how I attributed works:
LICENSE=under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Full terms at

Photos I used:
Houghall Farm - Severe & Catastrophic Erosion.
Narration: Water does the most damage.
Degraded by Water
NAME_OF_WORK=Houghall Farm, Severe & Catastrophic Erosion
AUTHOR_NAME=Trevor Littlewood
LICENSE=under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.
Full terms at

Narration: Wind strips the topsoil.
Degraded by Wind
NAME_OF_WORK=Dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas. Dust Bowl surveying in Texas
AUTHOR_NAME=NOAA George E. Marsh Album
LICENSE=under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.
Full terms at

 Polluted stream.
Narration: Chemical pollution is expensive to repair.
Degraded by Chemicals
NAME_OF_WORK=red water pollution
AUTHOR_NAME=Auckland Council,Auckland,Australia
LICENSE=under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.
Full terms at

Narration: Mining operations cause physical degradation.
Physical Degradation
Strip coal mining By Stephen Codrington, CC BY 2.5
NAME_OF_WORK=Strip coal mining
AUTHOR_NAME=Stephen Codrington
FILE_NAME=Strip coal mining.jpg
UPLOAD_DATE=12 July 2005
LICENSE=under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. Full terms at

"Stop the Koch Brothers" by Free Press/ Free Press Action Fund licensed under CC 2.0

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math formula editor

Marblehead Festival of the Arts Comments on Website

Thank you for having me over today. I would like to help with MailChimp and testing the website on my Android. I can also interview three to six individuals from different age cohorts and summarize their comments.

Website comments:
Pros: Lots of great content
Con: Does not work with Android, essential information should be easy to find.

Make homepage load faster. Use thumbnails. Make sub pages with links to content.
Make it easy and fast to find dates, schedules, prices (if any), parking and directions. Typical users expect to find information in seconds even in low bandwidth (cell phone only) situations. Ideally, an Android app for the Festival would be created.

In 2014 mobile app usage exceeded desktop usage:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Where my videos are posted or linked

Where my videos are posted or linked
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Problem Solving

Three Problems with Math:
(1) answering the wrong question (2) Mistakes in computation (3) Learning the wrong  methods

Students have one to two minutes to solve problems. Most math courses have about 15 types of problems.

Here's my advice:
(1) Read "Problem Solving Strategies" by Herr and Johnson.
(2) Thoroughly learn each type of problem and all its variations. Have at least two ways to solve each problem. learn how to estimate the answer.

During the test:
(1) Read each problem at least three times. More if you are an ESL student.
(2) Classify the problem by the types you have learned.
(3) Make a guess.
(4) Make an estimate.
(5) Solve the problem
(6) Does the answer agree with your guess and estimate? If not fix.

Memorizing procedures sometimes called "steps" is a loosing battle. The older we get the harder it is to memorize unrelated facts. Younger students might be able to do it, but High School and Adult learners could have problems with memorizing.

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