Monday, May 23, 2016


5/13, 10:30am
Robert Sacknoff
Hi Uncle Steve! I just returned from a trip to Iceland. I would start here:
The Energy Information Administration website will hopefully help.
For the unassigned cost of carbon emissions, I would start here:
I hope this is helpful!
Say hi to Ruth for me!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Setting up a tower garden, in one minute

Title: Setting up a tower garden, in one minute
Build a level platform
Re-assemble (fix)
Rinse soil off plants
Put plant into rock wool plug
Put plug into tower
Assembled (still shot)

For referencene, online Manual:

Tags: sustainable farming, hydroponics, gardening

Production Workflow

Record with camcorder

Adobe Prem Elements
Speed up x60
Narrate in Adobe Prem. Elements.Importing use AIF files from Adobe Prem. Elem. skip to 8.
Use "windows direct sound"
0.0 dB is highest level for digital audio.
Actually -2.0 dB would be best.
Export Sound to Audacity

First "Noise Removal". Start recording just the ambient noise.
Apply "normalization."
"Equalization", AM Radio profile, use flatten
"Compression". Make softer louder. and Louder softer.
"Normalize again".
Reduce peaks with "amplify"
Kill breath with "silence"
Adjust gain of loud parts with "Amplify"
Save as "wav" file

Adobe Prem Elements
Import wav file
Publish to web

Meat,Mortality, altzhimers

Livestock's Long Shadow Livestock's Long Shadow, UN, 2006

World Health Organization Data Global Health Observatory data repository (Use by theme, Mortality/morbidity. Each of these: [All NCDs, deaths per 100 000], [Cancer, deaths per 100 000], [Cardiovascular diseases, deaths per 100 000]. Use "filter table" option. Select "Japan" and "USA"

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

facebook ideas

  • First, invite all of your facebook friends to like your page. Once they do, they'll see all of your posts come up in their timeline.
  • If there's a particular video you want to share or get the word out about, you can boost your post for $5. This is great because you can also control which demographics you are trying to reach out to by location, age, etc.
  • Tagging other pages and people (typing in an "@" and then typing the name of the person or page after the @) will be send a  notification for their page about your post.
  • Sharing your posts to your own facebook page will also boost the number of views your facebook posts can receive.
  • If you want to set up a Twitter account, you can have your twitter account auto-post tweets that link to your facebook posts when they get posted.

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