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Meat, Mortality and Livestock's Long Shadow from

Meat, Mortality and Livestock's Long Shadow from

This video compares data Japan and the USA in meat consumption and life expectancy.

Common Core Standard for Math:
Represent and interpret data. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.3.MD.B.3
Draw a scaled picture graph and a scaled bar graph to represent ...

High School Social Studies: Public policy

Video Production Work Flow

  • Write narrative about every step
  • Get an idea
  • Research
  • Write story board
  • Write script
  • Start with titles in Adobe Premiere Elements (PE)
  • Create visuals with VideoScribe (VS) software
  • Export from VS. Import into PE. Narrate!
  • Fix with Audacity software (workflow)
  • Import into PE
  • Adjust timing
  • Upload to Teachertube, youtube and vimeo.
  • Livestock's Long Shadow Livestock's Long Shadow, Ch. 1, Page 9
  • World Health Organization Data Global Health Observatory data repository (Use by theme, Mortality/morbidity. Each of these: [All NCDs, deaths per 100 000], [Cancer, deaths per 100 000], [Cardiovascular diseases, deaths per 100 000]. Use "filter table" option. Select "Japan" and "USA"
  • Data
Non Communicable Diseases, Data for 2000
Mortality per 100,000 population
Country--All NCD--Heart--Cancer

Mortality in Japan and USA
NCD = Non Communicable Disease
Ref: WHO Global Health Observatory 

List of "Slides"
  • Japan vs. USA, Income and Meat consumption
  • Morbidity: Cardiovascular, cancer, and all non-communicable diseases
  • Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions
  • What are the implications for policy 
  • What additional research would be interesting?
  • This is Steven Levy and this is Steven Levy Math. (Title Page)
  • This video compares meat consumption and mortality in Japan and the USA.
  • Japan and the United State have similar income levels. (Bar Graph). Page 9 in Livestock's Long Shadow 2006, shows per capita income in Japan and the USA as $27,000 and $36,000 per year respectively. These are figures for 2002.
  • Yet meat consumption in the United States is almost three times that of Japan. (Bar Graph) 42 vs. 125 kg per year.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Steven Levy Math, "Livestock's Long Shadow" Chapter 1, Page 5 Lesson Plan for High School

Description: This lesson shows how to use a polynomial to make a forecast.
(1) Students can make a graph from the data provided
(2)  Students can hand draw the forecast to the year 2100
(3) Using the polynomial students can calculate CO2 ppm for the year 2100.

This lesson shows how math could be used to make forecasts. I will post a video to go with this lesson.

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