Monday, June 6, 2016

Facebook Group "MA CC Voter Reg. Group"

Notes on facebook Group
Admin: Ralph Edwards and Steve Levy and ??
Name of Group: "MA CC Voter Reg. Group"
Page Address:
Purpose of Group: Voter Registration
Ralph's email===>

3:54 PM (6 hours ago)
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Now that the resolution is approved, we've got to make it happen.  Please let me know if you will continue on the project.  Following are ideas on next steps.

Develop a list of community colleges and contacts  -  INA, if you have that, fine; if not, we can get information online.
                                                                                      NATHANIEL - is there a list of student government contacts?

Match with Democratic committees  - Chairs / committees available on Mass Dem website -
Obtain Committee commitment - college / dates
Each person takes 3 to 5 committees to contact

Obtain State Committee member support
Perhaps email urging them to encourage committees

Orientation on voter registration - conference call
Coordinate voter registration scheduling, collection and reporting
STEVE has offered to design a Facebook page for the project to facilitate communications, coordinate scheduling, 
calculate registrations (a thermometer?), whatever else is needed.

Please "reply all" with your response regarding participation.

5:12 PM (5 hours ago)
to redwards747meinarnmontero0596thetristansmithrosemie43revanitafriannsi2001lrf.muellermaureent92nahantdemocratsreneekeaneyhazel_marilynalfredrickodjackson96
will be glad to help.  Steve if you could put something up on internet that would be fabulous.


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