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Dividing by Fractions, An Animation, Partition Division

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I added captions!

The video is an animated explanation of dividing by fractions.  This article was the inspiration: Making Sense of Partitive and Quotitive Division: A Snapshot of Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge by Anne Roche, Australian Catholic University,  and Doug Clarke, Australian Catholic University, . Teachers and students understand 8 / 2. But 8 / (.5) can be more difficult.

The process of dividing 8 by 2 is partition division. Dividing 8 by 0.5 is best done with partition division.
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Monday, November 30, 2015

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Audacity Workflow

Audacity Workflow
  1. Narrate in Adobe Prem. Elements.
  2. If importing use AIF files from Adobe Prem. Elem. skip to 8.
  3. Plug in microphone. Start Audacity.
  4. Set mic to AT2020USB
  5. Use "windows direct sound"
  6. 0.0 dB is highest level for digital audio.
  7. Actually -2.0 dB would be best.
  8. First "Noise Removal". Start recording just the ambient noise.
  9. Apply "normalization."
  10. "Equalization", AM Radio profile, use flatten
  11. "Compression". Make softer louder. and Louder softer.
  12. "Normalize again".
  13. Reduce peaks with "amplify"
  14. Kill breath with "silence"
  15. Adjust gain of loud parts with "Amplify"
  16. Save as "wav" file
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Files to import
The main formats  are AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGG Vorbis and WAV. On Mac OS X, Audacity as shipped can also import Apple formats like M4A (AAC) and MOV.


MOV is a newer format. MOV supports subtitles.

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Lesson Plan Sites

Lesson Plan For Grade 3, Quotition Division Research

Understanding quotition division is a prerequisite to making progress in problem solving and algebra. Students who do not have an intuitive feel for quotition must rely on processes. When they get to word problems, they ask "how do I set up the problem"? As students age their memory for unrelated processes gets weaker.

This is a bibliography for "Lesson Plan For Grade 3, Quotition Division"

Making Sense of Partitive and Quotitive Division
about 25% of teachers could make sense of 8 / (1/2) or 8/0.5.

IGPME - The International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education - Home

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Steven Levy

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

from stevenlevymath A Math Reference

Stevenlevymath Presents Division

Here's  the script:
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Steven Levy Math Presents

What is division?
Wikipedia  and Mathematics Stack Exchange

Division can written as: a/b = c.
a is the dividend.
b is the divisor.
c is the quotient.

Division can be expressed as:
1) Partition division
2) Quotition division

Partition Division

6 / 2 = ?
Divide 6 into 2 groups.
How many are in each group?

(Get the answer! Show 6 tiles. Make 2 equal groups. Count how many there are in a group.)

6/2 = 3

Quotition Division

6/2 = ?

Divide 6 into groups of 2.
How many groups are there?

(Get the answer! Show 6 tiles. Make groups of 2 tiles. Count how many groups.)

6/2 = 3

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The Money of Climate Change Denial

The Money of Climate Change Denial

According to Wikipedia under the heading "Climate Change Denial" between 2002 and 2010 $120 million was donated to "Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund" that was distributed to the denial effort.

120 / 8 = $15 million per year.

Math in the News: Marco Rubio’s tax-cut plan

Math in the News: Marco Rubio’s tax-cut plan

From Nov. 8 Huffington Post:

  • Would reduce federal revenue by 12 Trillion Dollars over the next ten years.
  • Under current policies the federal tax revenue would be 42 Trillion Dollars.
Marco Rubio's plan would result in a 12 / 42 = 29% or about 30% decrease in tax revenue.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Math in the News

Huffington Post:  "Women make 74 cents to a man's dollar in the U.S., according to a report out this week from PayScale. "

Graphic Illustrations for the UN Livestock's Long Shadow Report

stevenlevymath presents: Video Illustrations for the UN Livestock's Long Shadow Report. The videos are meant as a starting point in understanding the chapter.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Videos for:
Title: stevenlevymath: UN "Livestock's Long Shadow", Executive Summary Illustrations
Description: Easy to understand pie charts, animated drawing
Tags: math, agriculture, climate change, livestock, methane, UN
Content Area : Mathematics | Subject : Grade 6 | Category : Ratios & Proportional Relationships | Skill : RP.6.3.c
Production Notes:
Dec.24, 2015: Using Audacity I "fixed" the sound. Here are the steps: First "Noise Removal".
Apply "normalization."
"Equalization", AM Radio profile, use flatten
"Compression". Make softer louder. and Louder softer.
"Normalize again".

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